Monday, April 27, 2009

"The Hebrew word for theology is 'knowledge of God,' entailing both objective revelation and inward witness." -Bruce Waltke from his Old Testament Theology.
i've been thinking about this recently. more to come someday, i hope. for now, i'm just thinking, wrestling, learning.

so this week is ridiculous. sigh. i don't even know how everything is going to get done. it will, though, i am just overwhelmed by it. and tired already. whew.

i ran 3.5 miles today. hurray!

last night Sarah, Mariah and i went to Karyn's Cooked for dinner. It's a raw food//vegan restaurant. it was so good. i got a "meatball" sandwich (lentil meatballs). It was amazing. mmmm. we then treked to Noble Tree like the good little college students we are. we were productive, though tired. it was a good day. it was a wonderful weekend. On saturday Rasha showed us a few YouTube videos of iraqi dancing. i showed her a few of my favorites from SYTYCD. The conversation then went as follows...

Me: I wish I could dance!
Rasha: when you are married, then you and your husband can dance like that (if only marriage equaled cool dancing, right?).

it was so cute. i love her. sometimes i think she's amazed (maybe confused?) that mariah and i aren't married. i think i feel the same way sometimes :)

ok. i need to go organize my week and get going on some projects. bleh. hope you all are staying on top of it all...

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the McGee family said...

everytime I come on your blog I see that picture of me pregnant... and smile. I was huge. That's Sam in there!!! Crazy. He misses you. I do too.