Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do pirates have birthdays?

This is my fourth consecutive morning in the library. Yes, it's true, I am spending my spring break in the library (not all of it, just a lot of it).

I have actually rather enjoyed it. It is so very quiet down here. I am with one other--a modular student, i think, taking a two-week course here at the school. I am surrounded by books, the smell of old pages, and the hum of fluorescent lights. Aaaah. Ok, maybe I am going crazy :) But I've been able to get a lot done! I have researched for my internship a ton and compiled a hefty bibliography. I also started writing my first lecture: The Image of God and Human Rights (a biblical theology of human rights). It's been fascinating and exciting stuff to research and study.

Also, I've been working on a paper and a load of reading. Slowly I am chipping away at the lists and lists of things I have to do before graduation in a few short months of class. Sigh.

Soon we will be apartment hunting. We are already checking in with craigslist from time to time looking for cheap (or free!!) furniture, etc.

Mixed in with all the library time is work and play. I have enjoyed this week with the kids. I love that a 4 (almost 5) year old will ask me, "Andrea, do pirates have birthdays?" and we are able to get into a rather significant conversation about Black Beard and whether or not he celebrated his birthday, and whether or not it was a "fun" occasion (since he was, after all, a baddy not a goody). We planted the apple seeds in a small pot that now sits on the windowsill in the sun. Yesterday we sat on the swings out back when we got home from school. The air was warm and the sun shining so bright. He said, "this is a beautiful day," and I smiled and agreed. Spring might be slow in coming but days like yesterday remind me that it is indeed coming...

Then there have been sleep-overs with Lacy, runs to dunkin doughnuts, frozen pizza and a movie...etc. These fun little things break up the endless lists of To-Do's. Last night we watched Precious. That movie is incredibly difficult to watch. Good, but hard.

I should get back to my reading. This break has been nice :) More later, I'm sure, when I can better articulate some of the things I am learning buried down here under these piles of books!

Hope your spring has sprung!

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