Friday, March 12, 2010

my not so secret "secret" project

Remember when I told you I started a new knitting project at my sister's? Well, I've come far enough along on it that I think I will share a picture (or two).

It's a lap blanket!! My first "big" project. I haven't had much time to work on it because I am busy with classes and such. But i pull it out from time to time. I am babysitting tonight so I'll get some good knitting time in after the kiddos go to bed! I can hardly wait :) It is a peaceful pass-time. Ah, so wonderful.
I so enjoy crafting. Something about creating with these hands. Love, love, love it!


the McGee family said...

it looks sooooo good! i still think we should start our blog. wanna?

Andrea said...

sure. but we need to brainstorm some more first. email me!

Lacy Lillian said...

It looks beautiful! And, it is going to look great lay across our laps as we watch (insert cool TV show here) and veg-out in our new apt.
Love you!