Sunday, March 14, 2010

a pasty and a pile of books

The smell of a baking pasty is drifting from the kitchen and I am at home on the floor of the apartment with a pile of books: The Way of the Lord: Essays in Old Testament Theology, The Ten Commandments: The Reciprocity of Faithfulness, Character & Scripture: Moral Formation, Community, and Biblical Interpretation, and Imaging God: Dominion as Stewardship. I will be working all evening on this paper of mine and tonight I really don't mind. I've been sick all weekend--yesterday was kind of a drag--and haven't been able to get much accomplished. Actually, I take that back. Yesterday I worked for hours doing my taxes. I successfully completed them mostly by myself (a few phone calls to mom and dad). My sore throat was so bad yesterday I started wondering about strep. But I ventured through the gross rain to Walgreens and stocked up on sucrets, zicam, and ramen noodle soup. I took two tylenol pm at 8:30 and slept until 9:45 this morning! I woke up feeling much stronger and my throat hasn't been as bad today.

This evening I walked up to North Avenue and back--the fresh air was welcome after being inside all day. But the wind started irritating my throat so I came back inside. Somehow the little jaunt gave me a renewed desire to sit and study. I hope it also lengthened my attention span (which has been short this break).
I was planning on making so many phone calls this weekend and then this sore throat...but talking drains me of energy in a matter of minutes. I am so behind with so many friends. I hate that feeling.

Mmmm. It smells soooo good in here. Oh right, most of you probably don't know what a pasty is. If you pronounce "sauna" saahnuuh (that's the best I can do) then you really don't know what a pasty is (or how to pronounce it, for that matter). It's a U.P. thing. I had one in the freezer from Christmas at Grandma's. Oh so good. They make me miss Papa. He would always say, "hey, have a little pasty with your ketchup, why don't you!"

I hope you have had a good weekend. What did you do? Share a favorite moment!

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