Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sorry for the bother, there has been a change

I've had this blog since 2004. That's a long time. Sometimes I wonder about it...
Is it worth keeping up? Should I continue posting?

I don't think I could ever delete it, though. It archives some really significant periods of my life, spilling and splashing the contents of my heart and soul onto computer screens...somewhere out there?

I've just been thinking about what's documented here and why it is "important" to me to write pages and pages of cyber text. I think because i recognize this small but valuable life I live--that each of us lives--and appreciate the opportunity to hash out some of my explorations (of faith, and our journey through the world).

Anyway, after much thought today, I am (of course) keeping the blog. But the site address had to go. I'm sorry. "Satisfied joy" was chosen about six years ago and the cheesy was getting to me. Maybe the new one isn't much better but I am pleased with it :)

I chose "a new cadence" because we are, each of us, born into a rhythm of life (i.e., "cadenced"). For some of us, a more painful rhythm than others since Creation's cadence has been devastatingly interrupted. Everyday we experience the brokenness of a world out of shape, twisting and perverting itself into painful (destructive) rhythms. The stunning beauty of redemption's story is that it promotes a cadence that is marked by health, hope, and wholeness. In Christ, aren't we "cadenced" in remarkably new and needed ways?

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