Sunday, May 30, 2010

summer is here

only two weeks into summer and i can say that i have...

gone on a roadtrip (a few, in fact)
planted tomatoes and a pot of basil and thyme
enjoyed a 312 (the only beer i've decided i can say i "like")
eaten a hot dog
collected lakeshore stones and driftwood
begun summer letter-writing
enjoyed backyard "make believe" with a 5 and 9 year old
gone kayaking on a pond
aided in the capture of a beautiful painted turtle (and watched the delight of two little boys who held it captive in a bucket on the beach for awhile)
jumped into a lake on a summer night
gone slacklining
begun summer reading
gotten sunburned
...the list goes on a bit...
the point is, things are off to a very pleasant start :)

here are a few of Jake's pictures from the trip to the U.P.

I absolutely love this one. haha. this was mom and dad's first house after they were married. it's now being turned into a "historic home" up near the old copper mine...crazy.
the Calument Water Works. This is one of the world's most beautiful beaches, I'm convinced. breathtaking shoreline...

out near our Coles Creek house:
the bridge! man, I love this place...
and there is much yet to look forward to. these are good days.
oh, and i mustn't forget, i also became an aunt "again."
i can hardly wait to see these two in July...


the McGee family said...

I can't wait to have Jake take some photos of us!!! Or rather, of my kids. Plural. Isn't that weird. Hopefully we are healthy by then. It doesn't seem like it today. Blah.
So sick of sickness.

citizenofheaven said...

oh my gosh!! too cute!! loved catching up on your life. I need to see you before i leave! Glad your summer is going so well! Love ya!