Friday, December 05, 2008


the week is almost over. whew. i have one more paper to finish and turn it at 2 and then my Church History class (4 of us) are going to Wheaton on the train for pizza and a movie at our professors house. I'm super excited about it.

we're having a door decorating context on the floor. Lacy and I aren't particularly competitive and due to a huge lack of mulla, we did it the cheap way: brown paper bags and paint!! I like it... simple but nice. here are a few pictures.

so my christmas reading list is now at three. I think that I should cap it off there because I need to get hermeneutics done also. I'm reading the Mary Pipher book, Gilead, and now The Sabbath (by Abraham Heschel). I am so ridiculously excited to read the Hesschel book its not even funny. I got it in my CPO box today (can i just say surprises are wonderful) and CAN'T WAIT to read it. It looks wonderful and the cover is beautiful (see below). I'm a sucker for good book covers.

and if you read the back cover i'm pretty sure you'd get chills, like i did. maybe not. maybe just because it seems to speak to much of what i've been thinking about on and off throughout the semester. i love good books :)

ok. i really ought to go finish up some work and then run to the bank. blessings on your weekend!

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Erin said...

leave your decorations up so that i can see them in january!! i like your door :)