Sunday, February 15, 2009


for old time's sake...

i had almost forgotten how much I LOVE Alias. I miss Alias nights, hannah (we are still the world's coolest spies :) )!!! And Hallie, buying me season one was one cool gift :) I'm addicted all over again...

i had also almost forgotten what a huge crush i have on Will. It's true. If Will Tippin was "real life" ...oh man...

and i have to put a picture of Sark up. yeah, he's not exactly a good guy, but i have a place in my heart for him nonetheless :)
(Hannah, remember the gag reel with the wine? haha!)



hannah said...

oh woozhers, so much to say.

1. such a bad picture of me up top, you should crop me out;)

2. i told you so! watching alias last semester was so addicting..

3. lisa and i had the Will crush too. at first we debated a bit between Vaughn and will but then Will's witty remarks put him like 17 miles ahead of Vaughn. there is something about season two though, it changes your mind to Vaughn..i have my theories but we'll talk during our roadtrip:)

4. THE WINE! ah hahah, i totally forgot about that!! oh Sark..(did i already tell you? he's not British in real life. bummer)

5. "you're acting like a numps."

6. fantastic show. thanks for the blog, grand pictures

Andrea said...

NUMPS! haha. Will is definitely above Vaughn in season one. but you're right, i remember making the switch. we'll see :) haha. good times.