Monday, February 02, 2009

mentos remind me of high school...and hannah...i bought some yesterday!

the super bowl party at Sarah's house was fun. i just liked hearing the word "arizona" all the time :) We watched the Office after the game. good times.

it is founder's week. it's going to be an insane busy week. sigh. but i am very happy--this saturday is supposed to be 49 degrees! WOOHOO. Spring IS coming early this year!!!!!

I finally made it out to North Park on saturday. That was fun. Mariah and I explored together and then met up with Kyle. I sat and visited with him at starbucks after she left. it was good to catch up.

saturday night was ALIAS night with the girls. I'm getting excited/anxious because i think sark gets introduced soon(!!!!!) but i can't actually remember. Hannah, is it in season one or two?

i've been missing warm weather activities. i really want to go canoeing. i really want to hike. oh! Which reminds me. i had the interview with Eagle Lake. I think it went really well. yikes! I can't believe i might be spending my whole summer in Colorado! I should find out in 2-3 weeks.

ok. i need to get ready for the day.


hannah said...

oh mentos. they actually make me think of mr. dalton because of that one time he bummed one off you, oh senior english..

SARK! to be honest dude i have no idea when he comes in anymore. i realized when i was talking with lisa that i watched all the episodes too fast. now the seasons all blur together. correction, season one and two blur together, season three is pretty distinct:) enjoy those alias nights! (but beware, i cannot tell you how many travels/fight scenes i've desired since watching the series again)

hannah said...

oh and the beginning of the office after the super bowl had us all rolling..amazing =]