Friday, March 19, 2010

alone for the weekend

It's just me in the apartment this weekend. Tiff went to visit Heidi in Milwaukee. I hope they have wonderful roommate reunion time!

I talked to Hallie for almost two hours tonight! so. good. to catch up with her, finally.

I just finished watching Good Will Hunting. What a good movie. I know, i had never seen it...
As it turns out, i think it was the perfect movie for me to watch tonight. Hmm. lots of good food-for-thought. Plus, Matt Damon is great and Robin Williams played a role similar to that in Dead Poets (i.e., quality).

I was feeling a bit tired this afternoon and wanted something low-key for the night. So I enjoyed the warm weather (before it snows tomorrow, what the heck?!) and walked to blockbuster, then to Jewel for a pint of swedish vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered almonds (nothing like eating it right out of the container!)

I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and then spending the day reading (with intermittent knitting) while it snows...or whatever it's planning on doing...sigh. It's going to be a little wintry again here while its nothing but spring (or summer!) over in Virginia where little Sam is busy running around outside. Oh, to be with him in the backyard playing...i wish i lived nearer to them.

Back to school on Monday! It's hard to believe break is already over. Whew, ready for the big push? I think I've been revived and refreshed enough to do it...

Alright, goodnight all. Enjoy your weekend!

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