Friday, August 01, 2008


Wow. can you believe its august? I feel like summer flew by. I'm actually really looking forward to school, which is nice. I am, for once, excited about the MAJORITY of my classes. It feels really good.

Tomorrow we are going on an all-day family canoe trip, since the Salt river levels are up.

In two and a half weeks dad and I will be getting ready to tackle Humphrey's Peak in Flag. August is a good month.

Luke and I finally went slacklinging the other day. We went at night and I got covered in bug-bites. yuck. WHY ME!??!! We are going to try to go rockclimbing a few more times before I leave. The next several weeks will be busy but good ones. Squeezing in some last good times with family. Mmmm. And i am So looking forward to FALL in Chicago. Oh my goodness.

I have to go to work. I'm at the pool tonight. Good because I get to wear "casual clothes" but not so good because of the grass and more bugs. Sigh. it's the "ewing family reunion" which is funny, because I know them. Tucson is a small world sometimes.

peace. (i don't know why i said that).

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