Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what i read in Nouwen this morning:

"The experience of God's presence is not void of pain. But the pain is so deep that you do not want to miss it since it is in this pain that the joy of God's presence can be tasted. This seems close to nonsense except in the sense that it is beyond sense and, therefore, hard to capture within the limits of human understanding. The experience of God's unifying presence is an experience in which the distinction between joy and pain seems to be transcended and in which the beginning of a new life is intimated."

i agree so very deeply with his words. i haven't heard the sentiment articulated quite like this--quite so wonderfully. My sould surely says, "yes!"

today is going to be a good day. i have systematic theology in the morning and then after chapel i head off to dr. de rosset's class (i'm auditing) and then to minor prophets! I think it will be wonderful. de rosset. sigh. i've missed having her class.

more later on classes and such. the semester is looking fantastic. praises to Him for all he lead me to LAST semester to help make THIS ONE the best it could be.

also, 24.7.prayer movement meeting next tuesday. its thrilling to think of something like this getting off the ground at Moody...something i thought about a lot in africa. hmmm...


Emily said...

your thoughts always make ME think, Andrea :) thank you for being a helpful stimulus at times :)

do you have time Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for a tea date?

Andrea said...

just got this comment! and i'm not sure when you left it....i'll email you.