Sunday, August 03, 2008

hurray for girl nights

Mmm. I am so very glad to have good friends. I love girl nights. tonight i just needed to be with a girlfriend. Hannah was amazing. She listened, shared, and we simply laughed and enjoyed one another's company...complete with ice cream and a target run 7 or so minutes before it closed. I love her. I love spending time with her. I'M GOING TO MISS HER. and, oh yeah, I can't wait for Xavier Rudd :) :) :)

Thanks for the night, friend!!

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hannah said...

=] big smile. no problem buddy, i LOVE hanging with you in ALL circumstances, keeps things interesting;) i'm glad that we have at least a summer here or a winter there where we can still share a few of these drama moments together. love you mucho!

p.s. now that you've reminded me that you still haven't seen Armageddon or Titanic(except once), my goal is for us to watch them before you head on back to Moody. i'm a sucker for them for life. thug life.