Monday, August 11, 2008

Mmm. Coffee in the Early Morning

I haven't been drinking much coffee--i'm trying to cut back. But I MUST SAY that a good cup of coffee in the early morning is wonderful. Mmmm.

Most people don't like Mondays. I kind of do. I like looking ahead at my week--thinking, planning, anticipating, whatever. This week looks like a really quiet week. Most of the August events at the club are over. I worked another wedding this past saturday. It was a 15 hr. day. The charge from the groom was "i hope everyone gets intoxicated!" and the bar was hosted until 9pm. So, as you can imagine, there was A LOT of drinking and a lot of dancing. It was fun for awhile until the music got obnoxious and everyone started getting drunk. Plus, cleanup was rather disgusting. Alcohol everywhere and a beer mug and wine glass full of vomit. sicko. Note to self: don't encourage your wedding guests to "get intoxicated." Even the bride and groom got drunk. sad. who wants to spend the second half of their wedding drunk--their wedding NIGHT (umm, no thanks! :))--and wake up with a hangover. Not me, but thanks.

Yesterday was girl date day with Hannah and Allie. We watched Armageddon because I'd never seen it (i know, i know...10 years too late). It was good. Yes, I cried.

Today I go into work for setup and then babysit later on. I work tomorrow morning and wednesday morning. Other than that, I doubt I'll get many more hours. I'll be catching up with a few friends I haven't seen yet who are back in town. I'll be saying goodbye to a lot of people. Dad and I leave a week from tomorrow for our backpacking trip (the death of me :) hopefully not). I leave for Chicago in less than two weeks. I HAVEN'T finished my independent study class. Grrr. I think I'll just leave an exam and a paper to finish at school.

Mom and dad have Dineh team meetings here at the house today and tomorrow. It's the new navajo field team they are building. It's exciting to watch it all unfold. I LOVE the team and i LOVE the way they relate, interact, and love one another. It gets me excited for team ministry someday. Hmmm. They just had a jolly big breakfast together and now they are in the living room starting with prayer together and devotions. Have I ever mentioned that community and fellowship are one of my favorite things. I'm sure i have. If not, THEY ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.

Hopefully I'll be trying out a new church this Saturday night with hannah and andrew. It's an emerging church and i am very interested in finding out more about it. Wish I had more time but, as it is, I only have one weekend left here! Weird!

Ok. I'm going to go read or something of the sort. Maybe write a few letters--its been awhile. OH! Skyped with Jay and Kristen yesterday. SO GOOD. I got to see the poochie baby-belly. So cute. and was able to catch up with them on a lot, get advice, etc. I love them and miss them SO MUCH. I have a best sister (duh) and the greatest brother in law!!

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