Saturday, August 30, 2008

David, Here I Come!!

FINALLY i am going to get to see David Wilcox in concert. woohoo. He's coming to Chicago October 18th. Mom will be in town because of Moody's Missions Conference. I am so so so excited. He's coming to the Old Town School of Folk Music and I just bought our tickets...its almost sold out!! 8 more available seats. I can hardly believe it. It's going to be incredible. I can't wait for mom to visit...I can't wait to see him in concert!!

Tonight Sarah, Mariah, Lacy (& her mom), and I are going to the Jazz Festival in Millenium Park. We're going after dinner...going to bring our desert (Mariah's home-made brownies) and sit on a blanket on the grass, listening to live jazz. niiice :)

The Celtic Fest is next, next weekend. super excited for that!!! (also FREE).

This morning Sarah, Mariah, and I walked to the Division St. farmer's market. I bought three beautiful peaches and a pint of blueberries. I also got us a bouquet of really pretty flowers to brighten up the room. oh...and i bought a white bell pepper because it was unusual. It tastes great. I love farmer's markets.

I'm loving fall in Chicago. Mmmmm.

Off to the library....loads of homework.

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