Wednesday, August 27, 2008

celebrating with the girls

we took sarah out last sunday to celebrate her engagement! wooohooo. she's been engaged for about two weeks. she will be mrs. edwards!! yeah! We are all super excited. It's cool to have a close friend get engaged. Weird, but cool. It makes me feel old.

Anyway, we made reservations at a gourmet desert restaurant called "hot chocolate." It was SO good. Man... we just bought four deserts and split them. we dressed up and had a wonderfully fun girls night. ah, i love these girls. enjoy the pictures. oh! we also like the picture of us with the butt in the background. it was a painting. it was rather funny. we laughed.

so. i've given my applications to the library and facilities. now we need to pray that andrea starts hearing back from one or the other. I am going to call trader joe's as well as the family i used to babysit for. hopefully something will come through soon!


Lacy Lillian said...

we are hotty hotty hotty pants.

hannah said...

such beauties! :)