Sunday, August 17, 2008

me, my dad, and humphrey's peak.

6 miles in with packs (bleh. i will admit, there were times when I pretty much wanted to die) to base camp. 10 miles roundtrip to summit and back the next morning (and racing the storm back to camp--thrilling but sometimes frightening). 6 miles back out with packs the next morning (but with less food and less water, thank goodness). All in all, it was the most BEAUTIFUL trip. Absolutely gorgeous. I decided that I would love to live in a cabin on a mountain for a week or so by myself. Just me, the great outdoors, and the remarkably deep silence. Peaceful. So much space to think. So much room to just BE. its hard to explain. i loved it. Dad and I had a fun time bonding, telling jokes, telling stories, talking about faith, talking about relationships/marriage (i *love* when he gives advice. its always SO straightforward and simple. rarely complicated :)).
It rained quite a bit. Luckily we were able to make it to camp before the huge storms. It hailed the first night and rained HARD with lots and lots of wind from 3pm-1am the second night. I found out that my bag IS NOT good to 25 degrees. Lies! It's good for Africa, but not for mountain camping. No no no. I was really cold. It kind of sucked because I couldn't sleep. Alas. It was still a wonderful trip. I have bruises on both hips and shoulders. That's what I get for being boney (dad says). My butt is also sore which makes no sense to me. I'm sure I'll feel it more tomorrow. Right now I just feel really energetic and refreshed. Mmmm. Now I have to think about going back into the city. Oh man...
Enjoy some pictures!!


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