Thursday, August 21, 2008

i never take baths

but i did today! a nice, looong bath. it felt SO good. listened to some good music. sigh...

i have two days left. both days are pretty chalk full--friend dates, packing, sleeping, cleaning, family time, running errands, etc. Lots to do and many small details to finish.

i babysat last night. it was fun. i love tucking kids in for bed--bath time, stories, into bed, under the covers. its so much fun. i'll miss the kiddos! We also put on fake tattoos...mine is a glittery blue and purple flower on my wrist. haha. it makes me think again of getting a tattoo. just thoughts...we shall see.

went out for coffee/tea with hannah yesterday. it was wonderful. i'm going to miss being near to her. This summer has been wonderful. Still holding out for the xavier rudd concert.

anticipating the birth of a niece or nephew. every once and a while I just get SO excited to be an aunt. I love babies but i feel especially anxious to actually form RELATIONSHIP with the little tike...take him/her places someday. fun things like that. whenever I babysit I imagine what it will be like. exciting.

i have to go pack.

i feel very introspective today. hmm.

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the McGee family said...

so you think you're gonna babysit, huh? :-) ok.