Friday, March 25, 2011

crossed paths

I crossed paths with Jen in South Africa almost four years ago. Four years. It's been almost four years since Africa. That's crazy. It was such an "interruption" of an experience--a six month experience that broke into my college career and changed my life forever. But then, we also have other types of "interruptions" in life, and each of them teaches us significant and life-altering things. Hm.

Anyhow, I've been reflecting on that time more often recently. I think because I'm missing some "global engagement" and in some ways I'm feeling itchy to travel, to spend time abroad, to build relationships across culture, to go where the needs are often more about survival and less about...well, other things...

Back to Jen. This is Jen's blog. I don't keep up with it religiously but I do appreciate reading it from time to time. Right now she's in India photographing and writing and blogging about some of her experiences. I just thought I'd share the link, in case you wanted to see some beautiful pictures and read a few of her stories. Ideas of inherent human beauty and dignity are on my mind these days. More and more I wish there was something I could be doing right now that would be a tangible outlet for some of these desires/passions/concerns of mine. Maybe it's enough to just be challenged, again (and again), to consider these realities, pray, and remember that God's world is bigger than just me and my world.

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