Monday, March 28, 2011

A Man of Sweet Mystery

Dr. McDuffee. There was something about him that was, in every way, a "sweet mystery." He would frequently get a look in his eye that betrayed to the class his soul's detour. Sometimes he would even stop talking, as if the inner conversation was more significant than the public conversation of class. It was always a little remarkable to share those moments with him. He is a man who lives deeply moved and affected by the world; deeply moved, affected, and committed to God and His Word. He is a man who lives the mysterious tension of the "now and the not yet." He is a man who loves people and cares for people. He is a man of prayer.

I was only able to have him for one class: The Holocaust and the Crisis of Evil in the Twenty-first Century. He did, however, even in that one semester, inform my life and my faith in lasting ways. I spent some time today looking through some of my old class notes. I couldn't help but miss this man as I find myself grateful and indebted to him for some of the things he said...

"I respond to Him, even though He will transform me."

"Ideology is much more fair than worldview, which is a nice evangelical word we use that allows us to judge and feel ok about it."

"Live to discover people, Saints, in order that you might learn what is going on in their lives and hearts."

"The beauty and complexity of humanity is that the soul swivels and sees."

"As evangelicals, we are addicted to influence."

"Always live to be surprised by God."

"Hypocrisy causes in me a corrupt fear of others."

"Do you live in ways that are good for the godliness of others?"

"Everything has a beginning--even genocide."

"You don't need pom poms in life."

"It's always an issue of speech, Saints, it's always an issue of speech. And you are keepers of speech."

"My fundamental hobby is to remain sane in a sick, mad world."

"You do not serve narcissistic, nominal Christianity. You serve Jesus Christ."

"Prayerfully yield your fears."


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the McGee family said...

phenomenal quotes. i will have to sit and think about them sometime. thanks.