Monday, March 07, 2011

weekend in pictures

Sorry I don't have the energy to write the stories behind all these pictures. Sometimes it's better that way. What happens in Kentucky stays in Kentucky ;) Actually, I'm just really exhausted. We drove back this morning and made really good time so we even got to stop at Fair Oaks Farm, a fun farm/cheese factory/restaurant and gift shop between Chicago and Indianapolis...they had really good coffee today, which was great because I had to go almost directly to work after a stop off at home. I didn't sleep the greatest while we were there--combination of life and three in a king size bed (fun, not the most comfortable :)).

It was good to get away for awhile. We all needed it, I think, although we were all also pretty worn out going into it. Just look at the pictures...I think we look pretty tired. But it was so good to be with good friends exploring, relaxing, laughing, and just "being away."

We spent an afternoon/evening in Louisville on Bardstown St. going in and out of shops and bookstores and had dinner at Ramsi's--food from all over the world! It was yum. We drove through small towns and adventured through some cool and some creepy antique stores. We walked through Bardstown (the actual town), which is the bourbon capital of the world, and saw a few of the big distilleries. I think the back-country Kentucky roads did us all some good.

I'm tired in many ways but refreshed in others. Life is just full of lots of stuff to think about, pray about, and wonder about right now so that's that. No avoiding it, really, just learning how to trust God as always. Continually he says "trust me, Andrea" and always I wonder if he'll continue to put up with my weak trusting. And he does. He continually does. It's that never-stopping, never-giving-up, faithful kind of love of his. Lately I ask for his nearness to be felt. And this weekend it was felt in good friends and back-country Kentucky roads.

oh, and I pierced Lacy's ears a second time--yeayuh! what are friends for?! she trusts me, that's for sure :)

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