Monday, March 14, 2011

with a cup of peach tea

It's light at 6pm now, when I leave work for home. This makes me so happy. I was even able to wear my sunglasses on the drive home because the SUN was OUT today. It was glorious. A pile of Joy's flourless peanut butter cookies are cooling on the counter and I have had a really good day. I spent it with C, since he's teething (adult molars!), fighting a cold, and stayed home from school. I did laundry and we read books, played basketball and football (our own variations), talked on the couch, made snacks, watched Go Diego Go (bane of my existence, i hate that show), ate lunch together while the sun streamed though the kitchen window, laughed at lots of random funny little things, played States Bingo (with S, once she got home from school), and "rested" (that's what you do to avoid getting sicker, even if that is what "babies" do...).

He was explaining to me about doing the splits which got us talking about how cool it is that the human body is so flexible. I've taken to writing these conversations down on small scraps of paper I keep in my purse...

Me: "The human body is pretty amazing."
C: "Human bodies are really amazing. It's pretty weird actually."
Me: "What do you think is the coolest thing the body can do?"
C: "I think it's interesting how big chunks of food can go down the food pipe."

Or when he was trying to explain how great of a show Go Diego Go is...

C: "I mean, it started in 1927."
Me: "I don't think that's possible. Show's like that definitely weren't around back then."
C: "Was that the time of the Romans? or the Knights?"
Me: "No not quite."
C: "Well, what was the year before 2000, then?"
Me: "1999."
C: "Oh."

I also finally got to catch up with Grandma today, which was really very wonderful. Sometimes I forget about how much I miss family and people who just love me no matter what--and who will offer (and bestow) an endless amount of hugs. I've been craving hugs, is that weird? It's that love tank of mine, mom. It needs filling. And if I didn't have work, Grandma, I'd be up there in an instant to collect from you!!

I got home from work to a card on the stairs from Sister with hand outlines from Ailey and Sam included. It was pretty much like a hug (so, thanks!). I am blessed that my family is a consistent and loving presence. I have friends who aren't so lucky and sometimes I marvel at their strength and courage. When things in life change and are uncertain, it is the Lord's quiet, strong, patient, and loving presence and the persistent, encouraging love of my family that keep me grateful.

Not until now, sitting in our kitchen wrapped up in the smell of peanut butter cookies and a pot of fresh-brewed coffee, have I realized how much today has reminded me, again, that relationships are a gift. People are invaluable. These are the hard-sweet gifts of life. All the work and all the joy is mixed up here: in relationships; in people. There's a lot I have taken (and still do take) for granted. And so I face my weakness. Lord, make it not so...

[also, i've been spending some time with these images feeling heartbroken and affected, sensing how "unnatural" it all is, and hearing that phrase "...on earth as it is in heaven..." running through my mind...]

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