Sunday, March 20, 2011

hello, week

A few resolutions, to start.
This week I will:

1. Read poetry
2. Pray like it means something
3. Tackle that long to-do list
4. Take my vitamins every day
5. Write 3 letters to people I love
6. Spend time in the Gospel of John
7. Find and follow a new recipe
8. Go for a run (because it's getting warmer, you know)
9. Donate or get rid of one trash bag of clutter and accumulation (i.e., simplify)
10. Get over that fear of putting air in my front car tire (I don't know why but I keep feeling like I'm going to blow it up. stupid.)

I'll let you know how it goes. Your challenge: choose ten things you want to attempt or accomplish before the week is up. Live with intention. Get off the couch; get out of the house; do something you've been putting off; choose to live life as gift. Push yourself to grow and live out of gratitude. I fail at this everyday by taking advantage of time and/or by taking so much for granted. We aren't entitled to the lives we live; we realize they are a gift. We are, so much of the time without knowing it, a privileged people. Privileged to read and write, to know God, to learn/explore/study, to have enough food on the table, to be in relationship with others, to live in warm and dry houses, to get from place to place with ease and comfort. We are a privileged people.

I appreciated reading this post, written by a fellow Hillsdalian (can I say it like that?). Ah yes, loss of language...

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Lacy Lillian said...

I'll go running with you.