Saturday, March 12, 2011

excited thoughts

I don't know what it's been, exactly, but lately I've been really excited about the prospect of a few new things as I happily dream about what I want to do in/with life. As I learn how I want to get involved (and where), what I want to "stand for,"and how I want to encourage others in their pursuits and dreams, I am currently conscious of the following:

1. A growing desire to be involved in some form of intentional discipleship. Tonight I was reminded of how cool it would be to work with college students. Obviously this could take many different forms: teach (in the academy), live with/near (mentor, etc.), get involved with a church college group. And yes, I recognize that i'm recently out of college myself but this is just something to dream about and be excited for in the future, perhaps? I met three PBU students tonight and will get to spend a little more time with them tomorrow. They were fun and they reminded me of what a cool time of life college is (and so ridiculously formative). Good stuff.

2. The April PROP event is in partnership with the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers!! We're planning on helping out, which will be great--a good chance to get involved and learn more about the organization and their work, etc. I'm so excited. This also reminds me that I need to get to the library and check out books on film photography. I'm considering my "class"options for this upcoming year (last year it was pottery) and I'm seriously thinking about film photography. Hmm. Or a textiles class with Whitney. yikes...

3. Jay is launching his "Business as Blessing" idea, hoping to provide micro loans to families in developing countries through the sale of houses (he's a Real Estate agent in Richmond, VA). Again, very exciting, but in the early stages so he needs prayer and support!! You can click the link to read a bit more about it--the loan program is through HOPE International.

These are some things that I've been getting excited about :)

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