Wednesday, March 30, 2011

in queue

I finally opened an account at Moody's library last weekend. It was a great decision. Now in queue from the library:

1. Creation Untamed: The Bible, God, and Natural Disasters by Terence Fretheim. I've read several articles of his as well as The Suffering of God, which was a very thought-provoking, challenging, and insightful book. I'm sure this one will be, also.

2. Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation by Miroslav Volf. Finally this is under our roof! I know at some point I'll want to purchase it for myself but for now the library copy will do. I used it for my internship last year, reading portions but not the whole thing. Volf is a very helpful voice in terms of a theology of Christian ethics, relationality, and practical living. I really appreciate what I've read of his and look forward to reading more.

3. The Covenanted Self: Explorations in Law and Covenant by Walter Brueggemann. I had never heard of this one until I stumbled across it at the library last Saturday. I'm excited about it.

I got several other books as well but these three are top-of-the-list and probably the ones I'll spend the most time in over the next several weeks.

Since I finished East of Eden I decided to read something other than novel. Then I'll go back to novel. I'm always pretty ready to switch it up like this. Each genre and style teach so much, you know? And in unique ways. Oh, I can't forget, I'm also reading Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail ("Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore"), heck yeah!

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