Thursday, March 17, 2011

food and friends

I love cooking for friends and then enjoying the food with the company! Matt and Whitney came over for dinner last night with Mariah and I. They made whoopie pies (and yes, we ate them while listening to "making whoopie" :)) and I tried this soup recipe from The Kitchen Sink (which is so easy and so wonderful) as well as the famous no-knead dutch oven bread recipe that mom and kristen have gotten me addicted to (it turns out a little different every time). Mmm, so good and so much fun.

I can't believe it's already Thursday. I can and I can't. What a week. What a few weeks. I'm frequently very tired. Usually it just creeps up on me until a wave of exhaustion just (WHAM) hits me and I can hardly keep my eyes open...but I've slept in the past few mornings, which has been really wonderful. The sun wakes me up before my alarm. MmmmMmmm, lovin' it.

Called our landlord today and left a message--getting ready to sign for another year! Chicago for another year! I don't think I've talked much about it. I definitely have thoughts. It's starting to really feel like "my city," which is nice. I feel much more settled about the idea than I would have, say, last fall, when I was borderline claustrophobic every other day :) Having a car and taking trips out of the city has helped. A few up-and-coming camping excursions are highly anticipated. Life is good. The jobs are going well. I'm going to lose one for the summer, which will be a bummer, but I'll probably look for something else part time. I've thought about inquiring at the florist across the street. We'll see :)

Off to work...

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